Boy's Night Out

I know, I know.  It's been two months since I last posted here in my blog.  I do apologize for that.  I've been busy with work and I barely have time for myself.  But I promise as much as possible, I'll do my best to update my blog at least twice a month.   I'm  already starting to see cobwebs on my blog(if you know what I mean).   Hahaha!

So anyway.....

I was really happy that my friend, "Boss" as we call him, invited us for dinner at Gilligan's in Alabang for his birthday last Saturday(8/23/2014) because it gave me an opportunity to dress up again.  It's been forever since the last time I posted my style here in my blog.  And since I know it's gonna be an all boys night out (out of 10, there were only 2 girls, including me), I decided to wear something a bit boyish and rebellious but at the same time  very chic.

Wore my favorite Mac Lipstick and Combat Boots.  It was so perfect for the evening, I'm neither overdressed or underdressed.

So here's what I wore:
(Sorry for the blurry pictures,  it was only taken from my phone.)

Combat Boots : Runway | Black Tank Top | White Denim Skirt : DKNY | Watch : G-Shock | Studded Bag

Pastel and Polka

The weather's hot and probably the best you can do is wear something that won't absorb the heat to your body right?  So here's a tip, wear something light, like pastels.  It doesn't just look fresh, but feels like it too!

Now what I did is I mixed different pastel shades and added polka to make it more fun.  What I really liked about this is that it looks so fresh and at the same time very comfortable.  The key is, whatever you decided to wear, make sure you're comfortable in any way.  May it be on how it looks or fits in your body.

Top & Pastel Cuffs : H&M | Bag : Dith | Heels : Parisian

Summer Campaign ♥ Closet Swap with RAISE.COM

Oooohhhh Summer, summer, summer!  The season that everyone loves.  The season that everybody wishes to last forever.  I don't know about you, but to me summer the is the most important time of the year.  Well OK, next to Christmas and New Year!  Haha  But unfortunately, this summer, I didn't have my vacation.  I didn't get the chance to go the beach or not even a pool!  Hopefully next year would be better.  But anyway,

So what makes a summer exciting?  The summer outfits of course!  

My summer style is more about florals, prints and plains, just few of my favorite things when it comes to clothes.  I always go for something fresh and light colours.

If you will notice  in the 3 photos, I've mix-matched my outfits.  The reason for that is because, the cream and gold beaded jumpsuit used to be a dress.  Yes, a dress!  Believe me when I say, it didn't look flattering at all!  So as you can see.  I cut off the skirt and turned it into a separate  high waist shorts.  So now I can wear it together or with different outfits.

 I would like to thank Miss Jessica Brady for inviting me to participate in the Closet Swap Summer Campaign.

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Tassels and Fringe ♥ Summer Campaign with

Hey guys!  What do you do when you're bored at home?  Me?  I create accessories.  Well the truth is, I get ideas from the latest trends.  Since It's not really practical for me to buy expensive accessories, I just create them.  Like what they say "Create what you can't have."  That's right!  All you have to do is to express your creativity and create from the heart.  And I can guarantee you, there will always be a great outcome.

Anyway,  let me show you some of the necklaces I've made.  It's so perfect for the summer sea
son especially for the boho chics.  I cut fabrics into strips, used shiny thread to create a tassel, and I also used real tassels and assembled it into a necklace.  I still have more tassel accessories, I just decided to post it separately because of the material I used in constructing it, and what you're about to find out will surprise you.  But for the mean time, here's the first batch of my tassels and fringe!

 I would like to thank Miss Jessica Brady for inviting me to participate in the Closet Swap Summer Campaign.

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